Sonntag, März 14, 2010

Os bafões do Paul

Paul é um querido que eu conheço há mais ou menos um ano e com quem vou ter filhos arianos de bochechas rosadas, rs. Ele contando dos causos dele quando foi a Alemanha:

- I ever told really funny! The first was a german guy asked me to close the window but it was really hot and I wanted to say: do it yourself; in dutch: do het zelf! I translate and said go to masturbate! (mach es disrselbst!). Second mistake: In dutch there is a word "bij-slapen", it means getting extra sleep like if you had a long party until 6 in the morning. Then you go sleep in the afternoon 1-2 hours. In dutch this means "bij-slapen". Now there was a german girl, in our office and she was sick a little. So, she went home and slept for few hours. Then I asked her later: hast du gut beigeschlafen? What means did you good sex!

( Rindo até agora).

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